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Canon IR110 ImageRunner

Line Screen: 85 - 105 LS (105 default)
Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (Lithtex default)
Ink: Black Toner
Engine: Black on White
Universal drawer only: 12 x 18"
Four drawers: 11 x 17"
Six drawers: 9 x 14, 9 x 11, 8.5 x 11"

The Canon’s can be programmed for six different stocks to
be printed on , and three stocks to be pulled from the inserter
tray, (not printed) then inserted into the document.
You can FGST on-line both letter size and ledger folded in
half and stitched. You can fold and gather a document in
letter size and ledger. You cannot FGST odd sizes. Letter
and Ledger are the only two that the machine will do.
(8½ x11" to 5½ x 8½"and 11x17" down to 8½ x 11")
The Canon’s will run pre-collated tabs one-sided only. We
can program the machine to insert tabs from the inserter
trays into the document. The margins for printing are
.125" of an inch border. Remember the closer the printing
is to the edge, the more likely deletions will occur.

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