6770 NE Century Blvd Hillsboro, OR 97124
6770 NE Century Blvd Hillsboro, OR 97124
  • Leveraging Full-Service Printing To Create Business Solutions

    To the typical businessperson, the notion of full-service printing often conjures up images of color swatches, the smell of fresh ink, or a line item for bindery on an invoice. To some, printing is a necessary business expense, and to others it’s an art.

  • Creating Targeted, Powerful DM Communication Through Printing

    In our 21st century American economy, smaller budgets are the norm—and marketers are feeling the pinch. Do more? With fewer resources? That’s the expectation in nearly every office in the country. As a result, marketers are seeking new ways to market smarter, not harder—to shift from a mass-media mindset of generating as many leads as possible, to a paradigm focused more on the quality of leads generated.

  • How to Choose the Right Paper Stock For Your Campaign

    When planning a direct mail campaign, you spend hours writing and designing the perfect piece. But how much time do you spend on the paper selection? Choosing the right paper, with the right finishing touches, is as important to a successful mailing as the message. Here, are some key factors to discuss with your printing partner before your next mailing.

  • How Integrated Printing Services Can Lower Your Cost of Customer Acquisition

    It’s one thing to develop successful methods for getting new customers. It’s entirely another to fine-tune those methods so that you lower your cost of customer acquisition. Today, marketers in nearly every industry are challenged to do more with less—to generate better results with smaller budgets. That means marketing initiatives today need to work smarter, not harder. Because there’s no budget for high-volume marketing, we must focus on high-quality marketing. That means targeted strategies and high-impact materials.

  • Streamlining Print and Inventory Management with Web-Based Fulfillment Systems

    The term “supply chain management” has been bouncing around offices throughout world for years. Until recently, those conversations generally centered on consolidating materials providers a company would use to manufacture its products. Today, as business documents and marketing materials have become more complex and numerous to support segmented marketing and other business practices, the concept of supply chain management increasingly being applied to printing. And thanks to technology and the power of the web-based fulfillment systems are making it more possible and powerful than ever.